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Breaking Ground: Understanding Negative Media Portrayal

The Problem: Negative Media Portrayal

The So(ul)cial Media Project began as a series of questions posed during second year mass communications courses for me, the Chief Instigator. I have considered for many years the negative portrayal of African-Americans in old and new media, the provision by African-Americans of negative information for consumption, what can be done to portray a more positive and accurate picture, and how the cycle of less than admirable behavior can be broken.

I am fully aware of the old and quite cliched explanations, though I am interested in taking a much deeper look into the social aspects of this phenomenon and am determined to spark some interesting discussion and positive change.

I am also fully aware of positive portrayals, though statistics are heavily misrepresented when it comes to what is broadcast and what's realistic.

The So(ul)cial Media Project is designed to investigate and research African-Americans in media, poll public opinion, and ultimately design a production company focused on the elimination of foundation issues providing new media with more positive, elegant and classy portrayals.

The Project: Research, Write, Act

The Project will consist of research, public opinion polls, field work, documentaries, and quite a bit of blogging in the areas of economics, culture, media representation and social relations. New components will be added as necessary to gain a full understanding of the current state of African-American portrayal in the media. This process is slated to last at least one and one half years.

Once enough information has been gathered to develop a solution, the development of So(ul)cial Media Productions will begin. My goal is to produce film, documentaries and written media to combat the consumption of negative information by the public. Worldwide.

This project is the beginning of the birth of So(ul)cial Media Productions.

The Players: Who's Who?

Chief Instigator, underground musicians, indie filmmakers, unpublished writers, undiscovered fashion guru's, college students majoring in film/editing, undiscovered photographers, etc.

This list can go on though I think the point has been made. Join me on a journey to redefine the representation of African-Americans and culture in film which affects world views, attitudes and perceptions.


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